I may have an unfair advantage, so don’t get your feelings hurt if this doesn’t apply to you.

Covid-19 has been called the invisible enemy, among other things.

Not my first invisible enemy.

Usually, when we discover an invisible enemy, our first, and most long lasting reaction is fear.

Think about a haunted house, a strange noise in your house at night, or a novel corona virus, which may kill two million people in the US.

And, when everybody is aware of the invisible enemy, then it becomes the topic of almost every conversation.

So, here I was, in the fourth week of recovery from my fall. I was feeling pretty good, but I had been involved in way too many debates on Facebook over the last three weeks.

I had to admit to Wendy on Sunday after church that I was starting to deal with some depression.
“I just wake up, feeling kinda down,” my voice cracked, and I realized it was more than just a little bit.

“Why don’t you get off of Facebook for a while? “
I started to recoil. That’s not a good idea. I have so many things to say, yet.

“I’m serious. I moved the whole app way back in my phone. I haven’t been on it for days. It was just too much.”

She had also stopped watching the news, keeping the cooking channels and YouTube craft videos on most of the time.
I’m thinking, “There is so much going on. I can’t just drop it all. Can I?”

“Look. Just do it for one week.”

My teeth were gritted, but I gave a less than convincing assent.

She didn’t believe I could do it.

It’s been four days, now. I stopped Facebook notifications, and I haven’t opened it one time.

What I have learned.

I am not afraid of COVID-19. I believe it is here, a lot of people are getting it, a small small percentage of those that get it die.

If I do get it, I will either have a mild case, a little more serious case, or a very serious case, I could die, or I may not get it at all. It is kind of out of my control.
Because it is invisible.

The invisible enemy that does cause me anxiety is the voice that does not originate with the God I love.
The voice that tricks me into thinking that if I argue better that I will change minds. The voice that keeps taking my focus off of the Life that I have been given, and brings up anger, indignation, and even despair on the direction this once great country is going.

So, without Facebook, this week, I went back to work. The ladder seems really heavy. It is amazing how quickly we can lose muscle tone. But I finished three good days of work, not too much slower than I was, but quite a bit more tired.

All this is to say, I miss seeing all the varied views of my friends and frenemies on Facebook, because I think an exchange of differing ideas is important.

But, I realized that this path I am on, is a path God is ever laying out for me, and my experienced life is part of making me into the new person that began in 1978. Sorrows, joys, accidents, pain, recoveries, mask, not mask, all teach me something about me, and how I need to yield my life to the One who has a purpose that I am slowly learning to find through this experience.

So, I may be back to Facebook. Eventually. Or maybe not.
But, if you ever want to contact me or comment about anything I share, feel free to send me an email to

I still have so much to say.


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