God plus nothing else


Everything else without God.

Maybe we don’t have freedom of choice after all.

In the game of life we are born into the world’s team of superstars. No choice. That is where we are placed. An evolving, powerful team of the great and small, the mighty and the weak. All with a place. All with a purpose.

To make the world a better place for me.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

What was that? Who said that?

You were just invited to join a different team.

Now, you choose.

What I want, or what He wants.

It’s simple, really. Continue on your way, making sure you get your way as much as you can, and enduring and fighting when you can’t, or

Giving up your rights, all your preconceived ideas of justice and good, your ideas of what is best for you, and placing yourself into the hands of this new coach, trainer, developer, ruler. His rules. His roles. His team. His ways are not our ways.

Life will certainly become more interesting.

But, certain people will come to hate and despise everything that you come to love. You will begin to recognize hatred, blindness, foolishness, gullibility to the false narrative of this world.

You will begin to recognize the enemy, the plans and agenda of the enemy.

And, you will experience a peace, a joy, a purpose in the hands of the One who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”




You probably don’t have this problem, but sometimes, I have to admit, I get a feeling of moral superiority.

It may be a political cause.

It may be a moral issue.

It may just be some random opinion.

But, if I have an opinion, I generally believe that I’m right.

And, if I think I’m right, it is really hard for me to understand why you can’t see that I am right.

I’ll try to explain myself.

I’ll even try to listen to your side.

But, I will promise you, even if you can’t see things the same as I do, you can still be my friend.

I won’t break your windows.

I won’t burn your house down.

I won’t throw bottles or balloons filled with smelly stuff at you.

I will try to convince you.

But, I may be wrong.

You can try to convince me.

But you won’t convince me by acting angry, and breaking somebody else’s stuff, and not letting me speak.

That only makes me feel morally superior.

And, I know that I am not.

2017 (still applies)



Okay, LORD, I think I am ready to move into this new season

You have revealed to me my weaknesses

Now I am ready to move in Your strength

Open my eyes today to see the path You lay out for me

Tune my ears to be receptive to Your whisper

Fill my heart with the love that You Are

Let me savor the goodness of Your will

And hold me tight, LORD, hold me tight!

I am Yours!