There is a story in the Bible of the people of the world, who were all of one language, coming together with the intention of building a tower to the heavens. Their purpose was to make a name for themselves and to strengthen their nation, so they couldn’t be scattered.

According to the Bible, God was not pleased with the efforts of man to elevate himself over his creator, so He confused their speech, creating different languages and scattering them over the earth.

I admit, I have a fairly local perspective, having always lived in Texas, never having travelled outside the US except one brief foray across the border into Mexico.

But, I can see how the nation as a whole has decided over the last 50 years to leave behind a biblical understanding of right and wrong, and ethical behavior and to begin to build its own “tower of babel”, a system of man made laws, overruling the previous standards the nation had clung to as a result of a basic belief in a supreme being.

In the original story, God made divisions among the people, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to work together in order to accomplish great things.

Is this happening today to this country? In our zeal to separate state from any form of religious expression, are we causing God to create a division that cannot be overcome? Not a division of language, but a division of ideology.

As long as we believe that the answer lies in a political party, we are only moving away from the solution.

I shudder to see what happens when our tower begins to fall.


4 thoughts on “TOWER OF BABEL

    • Thank you, Clyde. Human nature seems to be the same throughout time. You and I both know that a transformed heart is the only way to approach the One who gave us life in the first place. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit….”


  1. It appears to me the foundation is already cracking. Sad, but true. I’m old enough to have gone to school when we celebrated America as a “melting pot” where we all came together with a common commitment to our land and the Constitution which testified to our shared values. Now–thanks to the education system being co-opted by people with twisted agendas–I only see our inherent differences reinforced.

    It’s the opposite of e pluribus unum.

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