I used to want to be a professional baseball player.

For the Yankees.

I didn’t get close. I couldn’t make the high school baseball team.

I love a good comedian. A good laugh is so invigorating.

I thought, “ It would be so great to be that funny, hearing the crowds laugh at your incredible wit.”

I watched them. Studied them.

I realized that they had to tell the same stories over and over and over.

They had to endure the guys like me coming up to them and saying, “Here’s one for you….”

It seems kinda like having a job where you do the same thing over and over and over.

And, sometimes there was no job for you.

I don’t think I was called to that.

But, I have found “a calling” that fits me.

Walking (sometimes running) through a life that is different every day, even though there may be a surface sameness.

Discovering relationships, expressing thoughts, working at something I am reasonably good at because I have done it over and over and over.

And, all the while, connecting my inner Life with the One who planted this Life inside me, and discovering, every day, a little more about this guy who is loved incredibly by the God who called him.

“In the image of God, He created them….”