You probably don’t have this problem, but sometimes, I have to admit, I get a feeling of moral superiority.

It may be a political cause.

It may be a moral issue.

It may just be some random opinion.

But, if I have an opinion, I generally believe that I’m right.

And, if I think I’m right, it is really hard for me to understand why you can’t see that I am right.

I’ll try to explain myself.

I’ll even try to listen to your side.

But, I will promise you, even if you can’t see things the same as I do, you can still be my friend.

I won’t break your windows.

I won’t burn your house down.

I won’t throw bottles or balloons filled with smelly stuff at you.

I will try to convince you.

But, I may be wrong.

You can try to convince me.

But you won’t convince me by acting angry, and breaking somebody else’s stuff, and not letting me speak.

That only makes me feel morally superior.

And, I know that I am not.

2017 (still applies)


5 thoughts on “MORAL SUPERIORITY

  1. The “surprise ending” was finding out you wrote this in 2017. You’re right, Randy, it still applies today, more than ever. Someone commented recently that two things people don’t do these days are debate and admit they were wrong. I think we’re all missing out on some great education by not listening to one another or entertaining the notion, “I COULD be wrong…”

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