May 26, 2018


After working 49 hard physical hours in four days this week , I think I was feeling kinda proud that I, a 66 year old man, still had the chops to put in that many hours in such a short time.

Without quitting.

Pushing through til I was done.

At one job, there were about twenty guys working to finish a house remodel before the weekend.

The oldest was maybe 55.

I was going up and down my ladder, cleaning about 50 windows, every one, all by myself.

So proud.

And that was just the first of three for that day.

I had already done this three previous days.

Leaving the house at 7:00 or 7:30, getting home 11 to 13 hours later.

“I’ve still got it”, I was thinking…

I have this voice in my head:

(Randy, some people I give the ability to be wise in financial management,

some I give the ability to work for a company and retire.

You I gave a good metabolism and a good work ethic and a good amount of endurance.

Because, I Love You

And you’ll probably need it.)

God takes care of His children…

Especially the idiots…

Like me.


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