I wanted to see the movie. Especially since the whole media world was trying to keep people from knowing about it.

You see, I have been opposed to the idea of abortion for a long time.

Not forever…there was a time it almost became part of our story.

But, it didn’t.

I figured I would agree with the movie, but I didn’t expect the reaction I had.

I had finished my day’s work and met Wendy in Tyler to see the 4:30 showing of “Unplanned”.

In the very first scene, tears were already pooling in my eyes.

Then came the flashbacks, and the story unfolded of Abby Johnson’s introduction to Planned Parenthood, and her life with them as she became a clinic director.

You need to see the movie, even if you consider yourself pro-choice, because my purpose is not to retell the story.

But, there were three revelations that came out that really caused me to feel a sense of rage.

One was the ultrasound image of the baby in the womb, trying to escape the suction tube, fighting for his/her life.

Another was the faces of the young girls coming into the clinic because they found themselves in a situation that they had no idea how to correct. And they were young. They were scared. They wanted someone to tell them what they could do.

So, someone did. Leaving out all the grisly details of what was about to occur, they told these gullible young girls that this was the best thing for them, because, a burden of a child at this time of their lives was not the right time.

Simple procedure.

The third was the purpose of the ultrasound; to determine the size of the “fetus” so they would know how much to charge for the “procedure”.

The bigger the baby, the higher the price.

But, the young girls were not allowed to see the ultrasound image.

They might realize that this fetus is not just a clump of cells.

They might decide not to kill this baby, because it looked just like a baby.

The counselors at the clinic gave few options on how to solve the problem gripping the hearts of these young girls.

“We can fix this and get your life back to normal.”

Yet, not one word about what this new normal would be.

Guilt, sorrow, loss, regret, pain.

And, that … well, I think I see more clearly than ever how the enemy of God is moving through our world, spreading his lies, his filth, his destruction, using those who are open to his influence to deceive those who only want someone to help them.

And it makes me wonder how anyone who is not God’s enemy could ever, ever, ever believe that the violent act of abortion…

is a viable form of birth control?

And that is what makes me grieve!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


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