Every so often, I come across something so full of truth, I can see the fingerprint of God.

The movie “Nefarious” was one of these times.

The reviews were all over the place, one star to ten stars, giving the overall rating 5.5 out of 10.

I had seen it in the Fandango App. It was listed as horror, so I never even considered it as something we would like to see. But, I began to hear about it from some trusted sources, so I told Wendy I wanted to see it.

We read a few reviews, and the bad ones were a bit discouraging, but the good ones were giving it 9 and 10 stars, and the reviews seemed as iff they were seeing the movie through different eyes than the 1 and 2 stars reviews.

Then I read one that said it looked as if it had a budget of $5.00, and he described his perception of it, and I wondered if maybe it wouldn’t be that good. Until I read that he left after 30 minutes.

I remembered the sources that I trusted that said I had to see it, so we bought our tickets.

I will not spoil it for you.

We were transfixed from the opening scene until the closing credits.

This film is among the most inspired writing and acting I have ever seen.

My friend, Joey, said, “It’s a masterpiece.”

You need to see it.

Don’t let another man’s opinion keep you from taking this step into a world that most humans never open their eyes to see.

The movie is full of truth.

It may open your eyes to a path to a Life that could save your life.


Or it may inspire you to pay more attention to The One who made you.

Romans 6:22-23


5 thoughts on “NEFARIOUS

    • Annie, I think I was surprised at how biblically accurate the portrayal was of a man possessed and tormented by a demon and his interaction with someone who had no belief in anything spiritual.
      It doesn’t play as a horror film, even though that is how it is classified.
      If one believes in the spiritual world of faith, and the existence of dark spiritual forces in the high places, I think that one would definitely appreciate this masterful portrayal.
      And, if one doesn’t believe in such matters, maybe it would seem to be some sort of “horror” film.


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