Okay, LORD, I think I am ready to move into this new season

You have revealed to me my weaknesses

Now I am ready to move in Your strength

Open my eyes today to see the path You lay out for me

Tune my ears to be receptive to Your whisper

Fill my heart with the love that You Are

Let me savor the goodness of Your will

And hold me tight, LORD, hold me tight!

I am Yours!


2 thoughts on “LATTER DAYS

  1. I am at that stage of life, too, Randy, and I can tell you, wisdom is way more important than pingpong!
    Our church is mostly young people, and most of them are seminary students or graduates. It blessed me so much when one of these young believers said they were grateful for the older believers. “We’re studying the Word, learning all about it, but you’ve lived it and can tell us from your perspective that it’s true, and it works.” (♥️)


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