First off, I’m what they call an avoider. You know, in the fight or flight scenarios, I’m the one that would just pretend that we can all just get along. Conflict cannot be good, right?

Well, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we were created for conflict. Think about it. Every good story has to have it, something to cause a level of tension, discomfort in our gut. I hate that feeling, in the gut. But, I love it when the feeling is fixed, when something is resolved, and things get good again. (I’m a bit of a good chick flick fan, but don’t tell anyone.)

I said we were created for conflict. That presumes that we were created, not that we evolved. What if things weren’t happening by random chance, and every difficult circumstance that came to us were orchestrated by a master coach, who knew what kind of training we needed to succeed in the “game” we were playing?

The Bible says that we should be really, really happy when these conflicts come, because they reveal weaknesses inside us that prevent us from “winning the game.” They cause us to find the strength to overcome. (James 1:2-4)

For the believer, that strength is revealed to come from an external source, the Creator.

But, even in a non-believers life, conflict can push him to overcome, to grow stronger.

The difference lies in the end result.

In a believer’s life, the weaknesses are replaced by a trust and dependence on the One who grants true life.

To the non-believer, a path to life may be given, but pride and self-reliance will often blind his eyes to this path.

The Bible also says that we can believe that we are deciding our own ways, but that God directs every step, orchestrates every conflict and trial. (Proverbs 16:9)

Is your latest conflict about to bring you joy, or do you just want to escape?


4 thoughts on “CONFLICT! DO WE HAVE TO?!

  1. Amen! I am laughing because I was once conflict avoidant myself and I married another conflict avoider, too! Then we grew! Now we have two people eager for conflict, pleased by it!

    Our pastor talks a lot about how we were made for conflict, but you have to know how to fight right and how to pick your battles. Healthy conflict!

    I actually had conflicts with God Himself hat I used to just avoid. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to stop avoiding Him, to embrace the conflict, and to draw closer to Him in the process! You can’t hurt or surprise God, He already knows.

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  2. Good point, Randy. The kind of strength the believer gains comes disguised as weakness as he becomes more dependent on the Lord. But the “strength” the unbeliever gains – pride – will eventually be his downfall.
    So, if you’re gonna have trials, you’d better be a believer. 😏😉

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