The disease was spreading fast around the world. News reports told of the vast and growing number of deaths every day.

“Stay home for 15 days to help slow the spread. If you have to go somewhere, wear a mask, keep your distance, 6 feet. Wash your hands often. Don’t touch anything or anyone.”

So, Jimmy Don did what he was told.

Fifteen days wasn’t enough. Jimmy Don started questioning the orders. The news reports kept ticking off more and more deaths and infections. “Why is this thing growing if we are wearing masks, keeping distances?” He wondered. “And, isn’t this virus small enough to go right through the mask?”

May, 2020.

Jimmy Don, came across a scripture in his bible, Psalm 91, that talked about not fearing the pestilence and other dangers, but trusting his creator would keep him from harm. Jimmy Don believed these words. Jimmy Don stopped being afraid. He stopped wearing the mask.

October, 2020

People were continually yelling at him, rebuking him, shaking their heads in disgust, trying and trying and trying to convince him how uncaring he was to not care if he was making others sick. “I am not sick. I haven’t had even a runny nose since all this started,” he would respond.

“It doesn’t matter,” they would argue, ” you can spread it even if you don’t show any symptoms. Just wear a mask. Think of others.”

Jimmy Don would reread Psalm 91. He believed Psalm 91. He was not afraid.

He didn’t believe the others were telling him the truth.

January, 2021 VACCINE

Finally, a vaccine became available, and people were lining up to get the first of their two shots, so the world could get back to normal.

Jimmy Don began to wonder if that would still be trusting in the words of God in Psalm 91. The same voices that he couldn’t believe were telling him, “You don’t want to wear a mask? Just take the vaccine. Then you won’t have to wear a mask. TAKE THE VACCINE!”

The same voices that he didn’t believe before, he couldn’t believe now.

So Jimmy Don didn’t get into line for the vaccine.

July, 2021

One day, a doctor was giving Jimmy Don a checkup. He had been forced to wear a mask to enter the hospital, so, when the doctor came in, Jimmy Don asked if he could remove his mask.

“Have you been vaccinated?” the doctor asked. When Jimmy Don said no, the doctor said to keep his mask on. “Why have you not been vaccinated?”

“Long story,” Jimmy Don said.

“Give me the short version.”

So Jimmy Don told him about all the stories that had been told and all the stories that had been hidden and all the questions that weren’t allowed to be asked, and how he didn’t think the masks did any good.

The doctor said this should never have become political, but the vaccine was very effective. When he finished the visit, as he was walking away, he said, “Take the vaccine!”

Jimmy Don never told him about Psalm 91.

A friend said, “ Jimmy Don, if you get the vaccine, you wont even need to wear a mask anymore. It’s such a simple fix. It doesn’t even hurt.”

Jimmy Don was never afraid of the needle.

But, he trusted the doctor.

He forgot about Psalm 91.

Jimmy Don got vaccinated.

August, 2021

“Even vaccinated people need to wear masks when indoors, because an unvaccinated person can give them the virus, and even if they don’t get sick they could pass it on to another unvaccinated person. We need to get everyone vaccinated, so we can finally defeat this disease.”

Jimmy Don let out a moan.

November, 2021

“We have no way of knowing if someone has really been vaccinated, so download this App on your phone, and you can easily prove that you have been vaccinated.”

Jimmy Don downloaded the App.

January 2022

“If you cannot show proof of vaccination, you will no longer be allowed in restaurants, gyms, airplanes, and you must wear a mask whenever you leave your house. If you refuse, you will be fined. You may be arrested. Come on, folks, let’s all work together and beat this thing.”

Jimmy Don started trying to convince his unvaccinated friends to just go ahead and get vaccinated.

December 2022

“ It seems that the phone App has been hacked, and people are able to counterfeit it, and claim to be vaccinated when they are not. To be sure, you will now be required to carry a certified card showing your vaccination status. Failure to carry this card is a very serious offense.

Jimmy Don picked up his card.

June, 2023

“It seems that The Unvaccinated Rebels, TUR, have found ways to counterfeit the card. We will be issuing a mandatory tattoo that you may have on your hand or forehead . You will no longer have to stand in line. We will have scanners distributed throughout the world that will read the tattoo as you walk by. Life will finally be back to normal.”

Jimmy Don got his tattoo in August of 2023. It was very subtle, and he wondered why it had taken them this long to think of this.

January, 2024

“ The Upsilon Variant has begun to spread, and everyone needs to now wear these government issued masks. When we get the next vaccine, all you have to do is have your mark scanned, and all your information will be updated.”

Jimmy Don thought, “Good, so simple.”

Jimmy Don wondered whatever happened to all of his unvaccinated friends as he picked up his government issued masks.

“He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.”

Revelation 13:16-18 NLT



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