Three years ago, I began a through the Bible in a year program with the English Standard Version.

A couple of years before that, I used the New Living Translation.

I found this bound version of the NLT a couple of weeks ago and decided to do it again.

Day 1

Creation Story

In the beginning, God began to create, heavens and earth, formless and dark.

Light, for day, darkness for night. First day.

Separate waters above from waters below. Expanse between called sky. Second day.

Land and sea, plants and trees. Third day

Sun, moon and stars to mark off seasons, days, and years. Fourth day.

Birds of the air, fish of the sea. Fifth day.

Man (“in our image”) and land animals. Man was made from the dirt, but, then, He breathed into him “the breath of Life.” Sixth day.

Rest from all creating. Seventh day.

It was all good.

Man was to be “like God”, master over all life on earth, fish, birds, livestock, wild animals, and small animals.

God placed man in a garden to work.

Two trees in the center, Tree of Life, tree of knowledge of good and evil. God instructed man, he could eat from all trees, except one.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Eating from that one would end the LIFE.

God made woman out of man to be his lifelong companion.

An enemy of God enters the scene.

“You won’t die. You will become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil.”

They gave it a taste.

Everything changed.

The life that ended was the God breathed life.

God’s presence illuminated man’s shame, made man fear His presence, made man think he could figure things out on his own.

Physical life continued, struggling, learning, experiencing the fruit of a life being separated from the Breather of Life.

Several thousands of years later, we are still experiencing the consequences of man’s pride, of man’s choice to do things his own way.

But God still offers that breath of Life, to bring me back “to the garden of delights.”

Because, from the very beginning, He had a plan.


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