I know you keep telling yourself that you can change the world.

Or, maybe a little more teamwork, we can change the world.

Are you sure that you will like it once it is changed?

Sometimes, it feels like your life just needs a little more excitement, a good cause, a purpose to get up every morning.

Adrenalin is great, isn’t it?

Being a part of something, doing something, taking action, seeing results, all make the heart beat a little faster. The cheers of the crowd make you feel like you are really making a difference.

Like you are changing the world.

Suppose you win.

You get up the next morning, the sun is shining, you turn on the tv, and you see the crowds cheering, and it feels so good.

In a little while, though, the euphoria disappears, and the same old restless boredom rises inside you.

The world around you is changing fast, but you are the same as you were before.

Suppose you lose.

Disappointment becomes like bile rising in your throat.

After all that work, energy expended, meetings, planning sessions, protests…was it all for nothing?

You turn on the tv, and you see the crowds cheering. How can they be happy? Everything is the same as it was!

Your heart sinks, and you realize that you are the same as you were before.

You haven’t changed at all.


You have to start to wonder, what am I here for, where am I going, is there anyone who cares?

So, start to think about it. If the world you are seeing seems to be divided in half, one side raging against the other, who is behind this turmoil?

Imagine for a moment that maybe there was a mind behind this whole creation. The workings of the seasons, reproductive properties of the plants and animals, even the processes that you know are working in your own body are too complex to have just happened. Randomly.

It’s actually pretty amazing if you think about it.

But, when things start to go wrong, you wonder why.

And that is when you are close to seeing the truth.

The Creator must have an enemy, one who is intent on breaking down the Creator’s work, and rising to the highest pinnacle of rule himself.

And he needs subjects.

And, there you have it. Division and turmoil and disorder and confusion.

You don’t have to choose him as your king, you only have to reject the Creator.

Then, you belong to the anti-creator, the destroyer, the accuser, the father of lies.

If that is the side you are on, you are trapped in a life that ultimately will not satisfy.

Now, here is the good news. You can switch sides, if you are trapped in the enemy’s camp.

And, if you want to switch (and not everyone will, but if you do), you can return to the One who made you.

Call out to Him, tell Him that you want His rule over you, and that you want to return to the Life He planned for you. He has already paid your way back in.

He sent His son, Jesus, to pay the price of your rebellion. He died, so that you can live.

He is offering you forgiveness for your rebellion.


All because He loves you.

You get to choose.

He will change you.

He will put His life in you.

Then, you can begin to change the world, because, His power begins to live in you.

It happened to me.


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