Saturday chores.
Mower dies three times in a row going through not so tall grass.

Wendy: What’s wrong with the mower?
Me: I hate this mower. It’s still not picking up the grass, and the old cuttings are stalling it out.
Wendy: Are you sure you have the grass catcher on right?
Me: Yeah, there’s only one way to put it on.
Wendy: Maybe you don’t have the right way.
Wendy: Maybe you have the blade on backwards.
Me: No, I put it on the way the original was on.
Wendy: Maybe a dude put it together in the first place. ( She didn’t actually say this. She would never say, “Dude.”)
Wendy: Seriously, maybe it is on backwards.
Me: Look at which way the blade turns when I pull the rope.
(I tilt the mower so she can see, pull the rope.)
Me: Which way?
Wendy: This way.( She shows me with her hands) Counterclockwise.
Me: Are you sure? ( I pulled the rope again)
Wendy: Counterclockwise.
Me : It is on backwards.
Wendy: I’m not my father’s daughter for nothing. (She walks into the house.)
So, I change the blade and start mowing again, but three times the grass catcher falls off.
Me: I hate this mower. WENDY! Would you take a look at this grass catcher?


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