Voice: Hey, whatcha doin’?

Girl: Oh, hi. I didn’t know you were here. I’m gathering fruit for dinner.

Voice: Yeah? That looks good.

Girl: Oh, it is! All the fruit in the garden tastes wonderful!

Voice: Have you tasted all of the different kinds?

Girl: Oh, no, there are so many! Today was the first time I tasted this one, and it is incredibly sweet and juicy. And satisfying!

Voice: So, all these fruit trees are good to eat from?

Girl: Oh, yes. All of ’em are good.

Voice: What about that one?

Girl: Oh, I forgot….

Voice: Mmmm, this is REALLY good!

Girl: He told us not to eat that one. We believed Him. He is always good to us.

Voice: Now, I wonder why he would tell you not to eat THIS one? Surely, this is the best one of them all. You are very intelligent. I wonder why he doesn’t want you to think for yourself.

Girl: He said we would die….

Voice: Die? You’re not going to die! I feel great! I feel FANTASTIC!

Girl: But, He said….

Voice: Obviously, what he said is not true. Seriously, you have got to taste this.

Girl: Oh, that’s okay. I’ve got enough for today. Maybe tomorrow.

Voice: One taste is not going to hurt, is it? You really have no idea how good this is. Just taste it!

It will change your life.

Girl: Okay… One taste…

Oooh, that IS good…

Oh? I feel different….kinda cold…exposed…

the taste in my mouth now…it’s kinda bitter….

Voice: Oh, that will go away when you get used to it.

Girl: Give me some more. I want some more….

You’re right… It is even better now, not so bitter…

I’ll take these home instead of these other ones.

Girl: (leaving, yelling down the path) Adam, you’ve got to taste what the serpent gave me! It will change your life!


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