Yesterday, 22 days after my fall that broke my left scapula and fractured and compressed my T4 vertebra, I had two doctor appointments to go to.

The first was an orthopedic/sports doctor to tell me how soon I could get back to work.

Two years ago, when I broke some ribs, no one would tell me how long a recovery time I would need before I could go back to work. “Your body will let you know,” they would say. So, in faith, (trusting my Lord and Savior, Jesus) I decided to give myself two weeks. In two weeks, I returned to the job I love.

So this time, the injury seemed more severe, and the doctors in the hospital said six to twelve weeks.

The first four to five days, I found myself thinking, “Am I done?”

But, as I sat around hurting, taking pain meds to sleep, something in my mind began to change. My brothers who shared this life began to awaken in me the light that had begun to dim.

“Wendy, I don’t think I’m afraid to go back to work, “ I said one day.—

So, this orthopedic doctor tells me on the 22nd day after the injury, “You should be able to start doing stuff. There may be a bit of soreness, but you will not damage anything by working.”

The next doctor was the one who does colonoscopy and GI tests. While I was in the hospital, they had discovered that I was anemic. Two years ago, my hemoglobin count was 13.5. Now, the day of my injury, it was 7.8. That’s bad. They took a second sample the next day. 8.5.
“Good,” I thought, “at least it is improving.”

Two weeks later, another test. 9.3.

So, on the 23rd, Dr.Nwaingwe (pronounced wig way. I’ll refer to him as Doc) began to ask me questions, “Ever smoked? Ever drink? Heart? Lungs? “ And on and on and on through the lists of normal maladies besetting those my age.
I answered no to all.

He stopped, looked at me, and said, “You are a unicorn!”

I started to like this guy.

So, Doc looks at the low hemoglobin count and says, “ We need to find the reason for this low count. There is always a reason.” He told me a list of things that could cause it.

“Well,” I said, “ At least, it is getting better. 7.8, 8.5, 9.3. “

Doc replied, “No, it doesn’t work that way. The first two were probably mistakes. We will take another sample today. You see, low hemoglobin takes weeks to rebuild. Taking iron or B12 may help if that is the reason for the depletion, but it would still take 6 to 8 weeks for the bone marrow to restore the hemoglobin.”

And, then, I remember who holds my life in His hands.

I look at Doc, smile, and say, “You seem to forget who you are talking to. Remember, I am a Unicorn.”

He laughed.

Oh, I wanted to preach. To tell him of the greatness of my God, the wonders of His plans, the strength that He had to take care of my weaknesses, the very idea that I was even alive was a miracle of His doing.

God held my tongue.
I was on the doctor’s time, now.
I can hardly wait for the results of this last blood test.

The reason I am sharing this today, before I know more, is because, this morning I woke up depressed.

My eyes have been focused upon the masked masses, where I cannot see someone smile.
Focused on the state of my country and the world, where evil seems to be becoming the new good, as good becomes the new evil.

When I arose, I learned that an old friend of mine whose wife recently spent several weeks in the hospital after suffering a stroke, came home last Friday, had to go back today. Possibly with another stroke.
I sent him a message to remind him to keep his eyes on the One who had given him new life so many years ago.

In reminding him, I reminded me.

We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil throughout the world surrounding us.
We are in this world.
But not of this world.
We have a strength that allows us to see beyond.



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