Define God, Part 2



I can’t do it, Phinehas.
I cannot define a being as wonderful, as powerful, as frightening, as awesome, as unknowable, as gentle, as meek, as loving, as close, as knowable as my God.

I wanted to, but the One who is over all, who is above all creation cannot be defined in terms of His creation.

I know the scientist side of you requires a definition to begin to take apart the idea of a God.

I used to not see God in anything. What proof is there?

When I began to want to find Him, I started to see Him everywhere.

He doesn’t need His creation to see Him.

He desires for His creation to love Him.

Those that do, find the proof of God in the appearance of God in their lives.

Those that do not, see no proof at all.

“And I will certainly hide my face in that day because of all their wickedness in turning to other gods.” Deuteronomy 31:18


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