Written JUNE 6, 2016 (taking my mind back to a healthier time)

  1. I made the Rice University soccer team in the Fall of 1971.
  2. I became a starter on the Rice University soccer team.
  3. I played a game against the professional Dallas Tornado soccer team with Kyle Rote, Jr.
  4. I scored a goal against The University of Houston soccer team.


  1. It was a soccer club. No one got cut.
  2. I was probably at best the second worst player on the team. ( one guy may have placed me a little lower). The only reason I started because I was fast enough to recover from some of the myriad of mistakes I made.
  3. The Dallas Tornado beat us 10-2. I ran alongside Rote a couple of times, but I was less intrusive to him than a gnat.
  4. Took a shot at goal, miskicked it, off my toe, and the banana shot that resulted went right around the outstretched arms of the diving goalie. Not where I aimed it, but…..GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!

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