One thing about getting old is that you remember simpler times, before technology, before the great darkness.

A time when a woman’s pregnancy was referred to as “with child.”

There was no question. That small change growing in her womb was a child.

Not a mass of tissue, a child.

“She is in the family way.” (When a family meant mother, father, children.)

The reason abortion was rare and not legal was because people were aghast that you would consider ending the life of that growing child.

The sinister voice of the destroyer was in the world then as well, whispering to those who would hear.

“You could make some good money, if you will help these poor desperate young girls prevent this horrible mistake from ruining their life.”

Sometime, in the 60’s,the narrative changed.

“Poor, desperate young girls are being forced into back alley abortions, coat hanger abortions because people don’t think they should have a right to make their own life decisions.”

“It is simply a mass of tissue we are removing.”

A growing mass of tissue with DNA that is different from the mother’s DNA, with capabilities and possibilities built into that DNA that could do great and marvelous things for the world.

If only it survives until birth.

Since 1973, it is estimated that over 54,000,000 abortions have been performed in the United States.

That is 1,255,813 children killed before they start, every year.

That is 3,440 children deprived the chance to live every single day.

I live in a town of about 1300 people. If three towns this size were destroyed every single day, what would we do?

But, when the focus changes, everything changes.

We have several generations now that have always had this “choice” available.

I wonder why the country has become so irreconcilably divided these days.

Could it be that that one sinister voice of the one whose purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy has finally gained the ear of the majority?

“Did God really say…?”


31 thoughts on “WHEN THE FOCUS CHANGES

  1. Abortion is always an emotional issue, however,sometimes it is necessary whether we like like to admit it or not. Saving the life of the mother is a prime example.

    Also. there are cases where serious brain disease/damage is detected – as with the Zika virus for example.
    Is it right to force a mother to carry such a child to term? How could it be?
    I would not like to be the one in either the position of demanding the woman carry to term or the parent who was now responsible for this child for the rest of its life, wondering who would care for it should I die before the child.
    And those who demonize those who abort such traumatic pregnancies are never there to offer any support, bit merely yell from the sidelines.
    Furthermore, the number of spontaneous abortions far outnumber abortions carried out by doctors.or other medical personnel.

    And if we are all made in the image of your god, what possible motivation could he have had to design an organism that spontaneously aborts a perfectly healthy fetus
    by the millions upon millions for no apparent reason whatsoever?


    • I was working yesterday and my ladder slipped on a tile floor. I took a pretty bad fall. Spending a few days in the hospital. I will see how I feel a little later on and maybe continue our conversation.
      You don’t need to pray for me. I have other friends that will do that, but just keep me in your thoughts. (That’s a thing, isn’t it?)

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      • Never pray for anyone. Waste of time. Should never climb ladders unless you have someone at the bottom, (talking form experience) and especially stay away from tiled floors.

        Wishing you a speedy recovery.


    • Ark, I always take the attitude that what God created was good, but, when man decided he knew better than God, God let man live in his world, but has to live with consequences of his own choices.
      Many consequences seem to be manifesting themselves.
      I’m really impressed that you don’t ever lie.


      • I probably did as a kid now and then – I can’t recall – but to be honest I have never seen the point of lying. It usually ends in more trouble that it’s worth.

        You didn’t answer the question. Be honest enough to provide a straight answer please and stop equivocating.

        ”Also. there are cases where serious brain disease/damage is detected – as with the Zika virus for example.
        Is it right to force a mother to carry such a child to term?


      • It is sort of beyond my job description. If serious situations as you describe were the only times an unborn child was killed, that would be one thing.
        But, you know, abortion has become just an expensive form of birth control.
        I see people celebrating it, “Hurrah for my abortion.”
        It seems more and more of our problems stem from being unwilling to take responsibility for our actions.


      • I see people celebrating it, “Hurrah for my abortion.”

        I call bullshit on this. I have never heard or read of a woman who has ever jumped for joy at having an abortion.
        Do you have any idea what a woman goes through?
        Your comment is quite disgusting, and you have used it as a way to neatly sidestep the issue and avoid answer the question I asked.
        This is somewhat typical of those who condemn but provide nothing in the form of support.
        Answer the question.


      • I have seen more than one Hollywood actress stand on camera and celebrate her abortion.
        Again, I am not lying.
        If the unborn child feels pain during the process, and it has been said that they do, without telling someone not to do it (because it is legal, as is gay marriage, and protection of the transgender in all situations), I certainly have the right to say that it seems to me to be quite barbaric.


      • I cannot find ”more than one Hollywood actress stand on camera and celebrate her abortion.”
        There are several links concerning celebrities /actresses who have stated that have had abortions but none that have ”celebrated” the fact. Most woman consider it their business and theirs alone, or a joint decision made with their partners. Several mentioned how difficult it was.
        My wife was forced to terminate her second pregnancy which was ectopic and I can tell you from personal experience it is traumatic.
        A good friend of our also was also forced to terminate her pregnancy after she began to hemorrhage and would have died had we not got her to hospital on time.
        So when I hear people like you prattle on about ”killing unborn babies”, because of some fucking ridiculous crap about your god I just fume at the sickening arrogance. and blatant ignorance.
        As women spontaneously abort far more than they abort by choice this suggests that your god was a lousy designer.


      • Again, I feel deep sorrow for the women as well as the unborn.
        There is a great emptiness afterward (I have heard) that shadows much of their life after.
        I think the movement tries to celebrate abortion and some women are told that is the way to deal with it.
        I don’t know everything, Ark.
        I am sorry for your wife’s pain.


      • So you think choice should be removed from the statute books and we should return to” back street abortions” and the dictums of the Christian church?


      • You can answer the question you simply refuse to do so. A great many people have deconverted and found their lives almost immeasurably better for doing so.
        And in many many case we are talking about full on indoctrinated Christians.

        So the evidence supports the very real possibility of deconversion,
        The question remains. If you did deconvert do you believe you would be ”un-fixed.”


      • So, if you deconverted would you be ‘un-fixed”? Or perhaps a better term might be re-broken? After all your god does like ”broken” people, does he not, which is odd as you believe he made you.


  2. You said that your family was traditionally Anglican.
    My family was also traditionally a denomination.
    That didn’t make me believe.
    I probably could have gone the way you went when I was in college.


    • Honestly? Little interventions into my life by Christians showing me biblical things. Several years later, when I said, “Okay, I’m yours” I remembered little things that they had told me, and they rang true at this time.
      But those little “contact points” came to me, in hindsight, as direct touches and interventions from God.
      Maybe He did have a call on my life.
      Maybe not on yours.
      I don’t know.
      I was a little more trusting of people than to are, and I didn’t think they were malevolent, but I was proud and thought I was good enough as I was.


      • Little interventions into my life by Christians showing me biblical things.

        Ah, yes… young man from home,perhaps? Sowing the seeds of doubt, pricks of conscience, little feelings of guilt. Sounds fairly routine.

        I was a little more trusting of people than to are,

        Probably a little more credulous and a bit more gullible. Coming from a Christian background it is easy to see how you succumbed to this kind of mind numbing garbage.


      • Yeah, I guess so. But I didn’t succumb to his message. I just remembered what he had told me 6 or 7 years earlier.
        Seriously Ark, you really have no experience with this phenomenon, yet you are so assured that you are right.
        It is easy for those who drew close, then drew away to find you online, and you back up their new choices. This that have found what I have found, if they speak to you, try to share what they have found.
        Did I, with you, sow doubt, picks of conscience, little feelings of guilt?
        That seems to.me exactly what you are doing with me.
        I told you, I have been in your position toward God, maybe more indifferent, less combative.
        But, you have never been in mine.
        Having tasted both, I know that I choose this.
        I have pain, now, I have to deal with for a time, but “the joy of the LORD is my strength.”
        His strength is made complete in my weakness.


      • Seriously Ark, you really have no experience with this phenomenon, yet you are so assured that you are right.

        Because your tale has parallels – some almost exactly the same – as so many re born Christians, including those who subsequently deconverted when they realised they had been ”had”.
        The Clergy Project is an excellent site that contains such testimonies from former believers who were utterly convinced at one point in their lives.

        But, you have never been in mine.

        I don’t recall you telling me what your position was? I apologise if you have and I have forgotten. Feel free to refresh my memory. What was your ”position” that caused you to become a reborn Christian?


      • Look, Ark, I doubt that you care except to prove to yourself that I am just like every other ex Christian you know before the
        When I said I was like you, I meant I acted in every way as if God didn’t exist.
        He was not real to me.
        Now, he is real to me.
        He leads me and guides me through my life, my mundane parts, my scary parts, my painful parts, my confused parts.
        If you haven’t heard my story, it is on my blog: The Second Time I Was Born.
        Do what you will.
        The way you aren’t where I am is I have been born twice.


      • Look, Ark, I doubt that you care except to prove to yourself that I am just like every other ex Christian you know before the ex.
        In all honesty you are probably correct. However, my skepticism is based on the fact that I have never ever encountered a re born Christian who has either provided a single scrap of verifiable evidence or had an original story to tell that did not at some point involve some sort of emotional trauma and subsequent voluntary indoctrination, so please try to appreciate that what you write is, with due respect, little more than yawn-worthy, stereotypical apologetic fluff.
        And don’t take my word for it – ask as deconvert!

        I’ll read your tale …


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