May 31, 2015
“Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?”

The guy who first realized that Jesus was the savior, the son of God.

The guy who also, in obedience stepped out of the boat and walked on water.

The guy who said he would fight for Jesus and die with him.

The guy who took up a sword to defend him and cut off an attacker’s ear.

The guy who fled into the night.

The guy who denied him three times in fear.

The guy who decided to go back to his old job.


I am not good because of things I do.

Most things I do are because I love me.

Jesus did not die to make me better, or to make me find happiness.

Jesus died to make me alive.

To follow him means to trust him.

He will sometimes terrify me.

Sometimes I will feel completely alone.

He will lead me to places I don’t think I want to go, to do things I don’t think I am capable of doing.

He will ask me to give up my pursuit of happiness, and to learn what it means to really love somebody.

To learn what it means to really live.

He will give me joy.

“Randy, do you love me more than these?”


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