I came across an interesting little proverb today, one verse.

“Be wise, my son, and bring joy to my heart; then I can answer anyone who treats me with contempt.” Proverbs 27:11 NIV

We have all done it, carried pictures of our kids or grandkids and whipped them out whenever we saw someone we hadn’t seen in a while.

They used to be stuck in a wallet, but we found we could carry so many more in our phones.

But, we were proud of the pictures that represented the reality of our continuing legacy, our kids, our grandkids.

The love we held for them was unbreakable.

Wasn’t it easy to pull out these pictures when they were young, innocent, and not yet making the stupid choices we all end up making as we navigate the paths to our adulthood?

Here’s a concept.

Suppose this proverb is a direct quote from Almighty God.

And you are that son, or daughter. (It’s okay to substitute daughter.)

One of His enemies screams at Him, “If you are real show me some proof!”

His answer, “Have you considered my son or daughter (insert your name here)?”

Your life is evidence that God is good, that God is love, that God is mighty. (After all, He took that life when you were making all those stupid choices, and completely transformed your mind. That couldn’t have been easy.)

And now, I am that picture in His wallet that He uses to show His enemies that they, too, could be that picture in His wallet.

If He could change me,

Well, He can change anyone.

Be wise.

You are the proof of God.


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