You have made heaven and earth.
And me.
It seems you gave us all a choice to love you or not.
The consequences of not are proving pretty scary for the world.
You tell me not to fear, because you know my natural default position is to fear.
Every time I go there, my stomach starts to hurt.
Is that a built in reminder to trust in you with all my heart and to not fall back into my own understanding?
This Corona virus thing seems a lot like the work of the one who only comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.
I am joining with my true brothers and sisters (in you) to ask you to deliver us from this evil one.
As I learn to abide in the secret place of the Most High God, I begin to realize the rest I find in your shadow.
You promised those that love you long life!
There is no life longer than eternal life, right?
May you use this attack against the world to bring hope to those still living in darkness?
And, if I can, help me be the light.

Always in your hands,
Because of Jesus,
Your servant,
Your child,
Your friend,


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