I was reading a blog the other day by this guy who says there is no evidence for God, and that we (believers) have been brainwashed to believe that something totally unbelievable is true.

But, the blog I was reading wasn’t about that.

His daughter has a bakery, or works at a bakery. I don’t know for sure, but he posted pictures of some very beautiful cupcakes she had baked and decorated.

And then, over the next few days, he posted photographs of flowers, and birds, and cats, and commented on the beauty that he was seeing in nature.

He takes very beautiful photographs.

I didn’t have permission to show them, so I have removed them. But trust me, they were beautiful pictures of birds, a cat, a flower.

I wanted to comment on the cupcake post how impressed I was with the creative ability of his daughter; how I could see the “image of God” in her, through her ability to design such beautiful and appealing food.

I wanted to ask him if he thought anyone would ever doubt that there was a creator behind the creation of these cupcakes.

And then, I would ask how he could doubt the creator behind the other beautiful natural pictures he had displayed in the following days?

I could see the “image of God” in his creative ability as well.

Maybe he will read this.

I’m sure he will come up with something.



    • You were tacitly trying to link my photos to your god.
      And if you wanted to ask me about a creator then you should have simply asked instead of writing the rhetorical waffle in this post.
      And you didn’t even mention my name as the photographer or link to the post you nicked them from.
      Not cool. Not cool at all.


      • Don’t get cute. You have previously addressed me as ‘Ark’ so you know full well who to credit the photos to and the blog to link to as well.
        You mean evolution, surely?


      • If I say Jesus healed the blind, healed the deaf, raised the dead, claimed to be “one with the Father”, your response may be,”He never even existed.”
        I guess I could say that is a different interpretation of an ancient writing.


      • Back to the old argument…
        The scriptures say many times, “If you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart.”
        Jesus says,” Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
        Just so many words, right?
        And, yet, I and countless others have found Him when we sought him and we’re born again.
        I know it’s frustrating to you for me to say you have to want to find Him in order to find Him.
        But, again, I didn’t make the rules.
        But the rules work.


  1. The evidence is in a changed life, a changed heart. How do I demonstrate that to you, unless you knew me before?
    Do you have any friends who have moved in the opposite direction than you moved, to Jesus instead of away from him?


    • This is evidence of personal belief, and not evidence that what you believe in has any veracity.
      Try to think about what/who you believe in and answer honestly if there is any evidence to support such beliefs.

      No, I have no close friends who are believers. However, in the time I have been blogging with those who walked away from Christianity every single one, without exception, has expressed in one form or another that walking away from such debilitating indoctrinated beliefs was the best thing they ever did.


      • To walk away from Christianity would suggest that they never entered into “eternal life”. Listen, Ark, I realize that this “belief” of mine works against your method of proof, but in my faith first, then proof comes, God has proven himself to me in countless ways.

        I accept that you are happy in the world you find yourself in.
        I wasn’t.
        If you ever reach a point of thinking, “There must be more than this,” you will be at the place I was.


      • Of course they entered into ”eternal life!”
        This is like saying they weren’t really Christians; which seems to be the usual asinine refrain from those who are simply unable to defend their beliefs and have to resort to tacit insults.
        Most of those I blog with were full on up their eyeballs Jesus following born again sinners (sic), just like you.

        So,let’s put this back on track before it wanders off into obfuscation and theological hand-waving.

        Please provide evidence for the claims you are making.


      • I do want to find evidence – as did all those who walked away.
        I want to read the evidence YOU have.
        Is it at all possible you can stop sidestepping and please tell me the evidence you claim exists?


      • Ark, as much as I would like to give you what you ask for, the whole problem is that you desire a physical proof. God is Spirit, and in our “deadness” we cannot perceive of this spiritual reality. That is why Jesus spoke about “being born again” being necessary to “see God or His kingdom.” I understand your skepticism. I was there. Until I was born again.


      • So, in essence you are stating there is no evidence merely a desire to find some sort of solace / comfort to assuage feelings of chronic guilt over something another, thus your focus is the belief that something/someone has forgiven you these transgressions (whatever they are) and now you are free to pursue a normal life.
        (I use the term normal very loosely here as I consider belief in the supernatural abnormal) .


      • So, are you saying that our human bodies are the result of a long evolutionary process, and that our thoughts, emotions, and reactions are only chemicals working in our bodies? That is an interesting concept. Suppose that the ability to see or recognize God was a more complete evolution, and you weren’t that advanced. Or maybe you had it, but through neglected use it became like vestigial organs that eventually became of no use. Just something to think about.


      • We were talking about evidence, or rather the complete lack of it – for your religious beliefs.
        How did we get on to evolution?
        Re: the rest of your comment.
        You first have to demonstrate that your god exists.


      • It is the only way to describe it.
        Small children sometimes have these little invisible friends as well. It helps them cope but they usually grow out of it.


      • That is a really good point, Ark. This is gonna make you smile.
        What if God planted that ability to get a little glimpse inside the spirit world, and he wanted parents to reinforce it and strengthen it.
        Of course, use it or lose it.
        So I guess your parents didn’t build it up in you.
        But, you don’t want to be the one that causes one of these little ones to stumble.
        Seems like there some stuff about millstone and the depths of the sea.
        At least, it’s not only given to special ones.


      • How would you explain color to one born blind? Classical music to one born deaf?
        You could call it presuppositional bias if I had always believed this way. But I had only cultural belief. I was a virtual atheist. I said I believed in God, but I lived my life as if there were no God.


      • How would you explain color to one born blind? Classical music to one born deaf?

        I wouldn’t. Perhaps you should read the biography of Helen Keller?

        Outline the details of your conversion – if you haven’t done so already – then at least we have a framework to work from.


      • https://randyepps.blog/2019/07/17/the-day-of-my-second-birth-2/

        Okay I read it. Yes, I read quickly.

        So you were fully involved with the church as a kid and teen. Indoctrinated one could say.
        Then you broke away and did the whole rebel thing for a while – didn’t we all – then moved back to familiar territory, were a naughty boy, got caught and eventually through guilt decided to renew your involvement with the church.
        Happens all the time.
        How often do you hear or read of people losing things and say a prayer and it turns up?
        Even things as ridiculous as praying for a parking spot, or lost keys or a mortgage.

        And yet the same ‘God’ who you believe saw fit to show you the error of your ways allows tens of thousands of children under five to die every year from preventable diseases.

        Most people who go through similar (traumatic) experiences as you, and are inclined to believe in ‘God’ are also inclined to credit ‘God’ with the change in their life.
        While I am not decrying your change for the better in terms of your behaviour this is so common to be almost a cliche, and there is no evidence that a divine entity intervened.


      • So, if God would heal all the kids under five, maybe stop all the violence and killing, make those guys that steal other people’s stuff stop it, and a few other changes, then he would be a good God? Just make everybody good.
        Ark, the idea that there is a lot of bad stuff in the world actually backs up the story brought out on the Bible.
        Here is what I know about you….
        I think you live in South Africa.
        I think you have a daughter. (Though, I really don’t have any proof.)
        If she is real, it’s possible that she designs beautiful cupcakes. ( Though I wonder if you actually saw her make them. We both know how easy it is to steal someone’s photos.)
        If she is really your daughter, that would make you a parent, though I’m not 100% sure whether you are mom or dad.(Though, I think Dad, but, today that is not always a safe assumption to make.)
        I think you are a good photographer.( Though we both know how easy it is to steal photos)
        I think your real name is not Arkenahten.

        I really know virtually nothing about you.
        This ” experience” that happened to me in 1978 immediately changed my focus, and gradually changed my “operating system.”
        I don’t really know you at all, and yet, oddly, I really enjoy this give and take.
        I really have nothing to gain in our “arguments” but I am compelled to continue as long as you will.
        My wife and friends seem to think I am wasting my time, but, I don’t think that is so. You challenge me, make me think.
        But, don’t think you could change my mind.
        I don’t just believe in God…I really love Him.

        And I know for a fact that I didn’t drum up this feeling on my own.

        About the sickness, violence, and crime…God left man with the right to make his choice. You really can’t blame God for the mess that man’s free will has caused, can you?


      • You really can’t blame God for the mess that man’s free will has caused, can you?

        And there you go with the assumption that your god is real….
        Again, demonstrate that this is just not a claim, a result of your lifelong exposure to the Abrahamic god , Yahweh, a form of indoctrination.


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