AUGUST 10, 1972

AUGUST 10, 1972

Or was it?

I had spent the summer working for Kraft Foods on the nighttime cleanup crew, wearing a uniform of white pants, and white shirt, and white hair net.

I have always said that August 10 was our first date, but, today, I looked back at a calendar from 1972, and August 10 fell on a Thursday.

You see, I worked nights, Monday through Friday, from 10 pm to 7am. So, most likely, the first date was on the 12th.

But the 10th was the most important day.

I had driven past her house, over and over, just hoping for a glimpse.

She had run into my sister (who I guess had been operating as my “wing man”) as a guest of a friend at Elaine’s youth group at church.

“Wendy,” Elaine has said, “Randy was just talking about you!”

I had looked through her yearbook, seen Wendy’s picture, and I might have mentioned that I would like to date her. We had worked a short time together at Safeway my senior year in high school, her in the snack bar, me as a stocker.

I wasn’t that bold with girls, and, I guess Elaine knew that, so, a little nudge couldn’t hurt.

“Really? How is he doing? Tell him to call me sometime,” Wendy answered.

Elaine passed on the message.

I found her address, and her phone number. (We had phone books back in those days. And maps. I had to actually use a map to figure out how to get to her house.) And I drove by. More than once.

One day, I stopped, walked to the door, rang the bell, and was met by someone I presumed to be her older sister, but it was actually her mom, and, when I asked about Wendy, she didn’t smile, or act friendly, and said, “She’s not here. She’s in modeling class.”

I went back the next day, Thursday, August 10, around 6:00, and we talked out in the driveway, leaning on my car, for three hours.

I was smitten.

When I told her at 9 that I had to go to work, she thought I was making an excuse to leave.

The next day, I called her and asked her out for Saturday night.

She said yes.

And, that Thursday, August 10, was the day that this adventure began.

We each only had a passing acquaintance with each other.

Now, we know each other so well.

A lot of life has happened over the last 47 years!

That driveway conversation began it all.

August 10, 1972.

I have chosen well!

We married on December 30 of that same year.

And the two became one!

I love you, Wendy Gayle Wright Epps!


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