Open letter to Nancy Pelosi

June 20, 2018

One Year Ago

Dear Nancy Pelosi, (or anyone else this might apply to)

Let’s suppose you go on a vacation for two weeks. When you come back, a couple with 6 kids is living in your house, eating your food, driving your car, running your air conditioner, watching your satellite TV, using your computer, buying stuff from Amazon on your account.
They didn’t have a home of their own.
And they may not have understood the law.
And the kids were hungry when they found this abandoned house.

Would you let them stay?
If not what do you do about the kids?

One Year Ago

Dear Mrs. Pelosi,

I am sorry you didn’t get to get into the discussion about immigration and all.
I know how busy you must be, having to read and study all those laws and bills before you have to vote on them.
It must really take a lot of time.
Honestly, I don’t see how you still find the time to make your daily speech on television.

I’m impressed.

I have some good news, though.

We had a pretty heated discussion, representing both sides of the fence.

But, we did find a point of agreement.

I think it is fair to say that we all agree that Jesus said something like,”Let the little children come to me, and do not stand in their way.”
Now, I guess it’s possible that he meant “Let the little children come to Me and the United States…” but regardless, I think everyone would agree that we need the Bible back in the public schools so we can learn more interesting things that Jesus said.

What do you think?

Your friend (because I like what Jesus says, too)
Randy Epps


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