June 13, 2016


The great thing about freedom is that, for the most part, we can freely pursue what we think will make us happy, as long as we don’t harm others in the process.

The bad thing about freedom is that it doesn’t always guarantee happiness.

Freedom doesn’t mean that you can never be offended, or that you can always have your way, or that you can keep others from doing what you don’t like.

Freedom is not always nice, or comfortable, or pretty.

Sometimes, you think you are free, but you are really bound in virtual chains. Chains that prevent you from doing what you really want, that keep you doing things you don’t want to do. Habits you can’t break, victories you can’t win.

There is, however, a greater freedom, a freedom to live. A freedom to rise above the chains, the habits, the losses.

Believe it or not, you were created for a purpose.

Live toward that purpose, you will find freedom.

The One that created you is the only One that can make you free.

Freedom. The ability to do what you were made to do, to be what you were made to be.

The freedom to really live.


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