MAY 20, 2015


Everyone tells me I am not supposed to notice other people’s sins, because I have to get rid of my own first. (Jesus’ teaching on removing the beam from your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the splinter from your friend’s eye.)

I wonder….

Maybe Jesus was speaking on a much deeper level.

Perhaps the “splinters” are the things we do, or neglect to do, that show us that we cannot possibly be good enough to ever deserve God’s favor.

Maybe the “log” or “beam” is the idea that I can be good enough on my own to earn God’s favor.

Maybe, the only way to remove the log from your own eye, is to realize that there is no way for you to remove the log from your own eye.

An unyielded life sees only the actions and shortcomings of those around him.

A yielded life “sees” the image of God in those around him, and desires that the log be removed from their eyes as well.


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