Why Can’t We Just Be Tolerant?


The first 26 years of my life, I considered myself a Christian. I believed in God. (The demons believe, and they tremble.) The next 37 years, Jesus became my Master. And my Friend.
“The times, they are a’changin’.” I take political stands these days based on one thing: what is true?

1. Marriage was instituted by the Creator with the first man and the first woman. He set the parameters when he told them to be fruitful and multiply. The whole purpose of marriage was for the woman to be the completion of the man, and to bring offspring into the world, to introduce them to their Creator.

2. Doing whatever you want has never been right. Laws and governments were created to protect the people of a nation from people who could not restrain themselves from acting selfishly and doing harm to others in their actions.

3. Honesty is a virtue. Dishonesty is a selfish act, used to bring about a selfish result.

4. Loving one’s neighbor does not mean excusing one’s selfish or harmful choices. Love means telling the truth.

5. Prejudice is wrong. Whenever you take the actions of a few, and ascribe them to all of a group, you are being prejudiced.

6. Because something offends me does not give me the right to do wrong.

7. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.
When we as a nation begin to tell those that are choosing harmful or hurtful actions that it is okay because they have been wronged in the past, we are removing the effects of a God-given guilt that points us to a right path. When we begin to call evil good and good evil, we are defying the God who gives us life.


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