No, you don’t hear that in an inspirational talk.

I heard a conversation the other day between two men, both retired. Both Christians.

“Some people don’t ever have that “moment,” that “come to Jesus moment” when everything changes, and they can always remember the exact time when it happened. Sometimes, it’s just kind of a gradual thing.”

“Or, maybe it never really happens.”

I started to wonder, what holds people back?

What prevents them from that “come to Jesus moment”?

I was watching a sitcom the other day. The main character had married an Indian (from India) girl, and, he always felt like his mother in law regretted that she hadn’t married the Indian doctor.

Then, when he took a chance, left a steady job to start a company, put his family at risk, he really felt like she would never come around.

Finally, when he asked her why she didn’t like him, why she had always disapproved of him, she set him straight.

They had left India to come to America to give their kids a chance to have a better life.

“We were entering into the Unknown.” She used the Indian word. “The best things always happen in the Unknown.”

There was a man that was born lame. When he was old enough, his friends would carry him to the temple in Jerusalem so he could lay outside the entrance and beg for alms.

Spare change.

In Israel, to keep the law, one was required to give to the poor.

It may not have been such a bad gig.

This had been his life, for years.

He knew what he would do every day.

He knew he would get enough to survive another day.

It was all he knew.

He couldn’t expect anything more.

This was his life.

His Known.

One day, doing his thing, he called out to two guys that were passing by.

“Spare change? Alms for the poor?”

Usually, people would throw a few coins into his basket, not looking at him, not speaking.

He was used to this.

This was his life.

The Known.

The two guys stopped.

One said, “Look at me!”

He looks at him.

The guy is smiling.

The guy is seeing him.

Maybe, this guy is going to give him a big gift.

The guy says, “I don’t have any money…”

Oh, great…

“But what I have, I will give you…”

Okay, now he was interested.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, RISE UP AND WALK!”

He had never walked.

His legs were like twigs.

He couldn’t walk.

He couldn’t even stand.

What was this guy talking about?

The guy with the big smile was standing there, holding his hand out, his empty hand, offering to help him up.

What would he do?

He knew this life.

He had friends.

He was surviving .

It wasn’t so bad.

It was Known.

But, there is this hand…

Reaching out…

Trying to pull him into the Unknown.

He reaches up to take the hand.

The strength of the smiling man begins to pull him forward.

But, suddenly, a shock wave surges through his body.

Every muscle starts to come alive.

It’s like power is erupting inside him.

The Unknown.

What is his life going to become.

Everything is going to change.

He has never, never, ever walked before.

He is pulled to his feet.

He feels the strength,

From the man, first,

Then in himself.

He walks.

He runs.

He leaps. (He leaps! No rehab! Just straight to leaping!)

He yells, “Praise to our God! I can walk! I can walk !”

He had left the life he knew, and began a life anew.

A life in the great Unknown.

The place where the best things happen.


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