Really and truly, I believe in science.

I mean, the internet alone…that was science, right? We can find all this information virtually anywhere, anytime, because we are carrying this little bitty super powerful computer with us everywhere we go.

And the cures for disease, the repair of damaged bodies, the travel into space…on and on and on. Scientific research brings us to new levels of understanding.

It’s kinda funny today, though, that the same people that tell me that science has proven the billions of years, the theory of evolution, man caused climate change, the end of the world in 12 years, are also telling me that a baby in the womb isn’t a human until it is born (or maybe a little after that, depending on the decisions of the woman and the doctor), and that now one can choose his/her gender, that the X Y chromosome thing isn’t a valid consideration.

Now, that is okay, if you want to believe those things, I guess, but don’t you think that if you are using science to prove your points in one area, that maybe you should agree with science in other areas as well?

Science doesn’t usually consider emotions and feelings as a valid scientific proof.

But, we feel what we feel, right?

Come now, let us reason together….

Maybe, we don’t know the whole story yet,

And, maybe, just maybe, fighting for some ideas because of your emotional response to a story you heard

Or a desire you have

Maybe , just maybe, you should hold off, do a little research, and consider more than just one side.

Maybe, happiness isn’t really tied to you getting your way.

But…that is another argument for another time.


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