When I was in about fourth grade, I decided to write a novel. It was pretty long, too. About 4 1/12 pages long. It was about an invasion of giants from Jupiter. Honestly, I was pretty caught up in the story, but, after all those pages, with a pencil (this was a long time ago, kiddos), I guess I ran out of gas, or story, or both, and I laid the masterpiece aside.

A few days later, my mom told me she had found my story, how exciting it was, and how she couldn’t find the rest of it to finish the story. How did it end?

By then, I had forgotten all about it, my interest was gone.

I never had that much self-discipline as a kid.

Or teen.

Or young adult.

But, I knew I would write.


Now, I have a business that fills my hours, but allows my mind to ruminate on the issues of life; politics, spiritual, historical, comedic….

Now, I could talk to whoever I happen to run into that day, if I can remember what I was thinking about, but, if I write it all down in some semi interesting way, instead of reaching one or two people in conversation, I can literally reach several if I put it out on the world wide Web.

Now, here is the thing.

When Mom liked what I wrote, I really needed that affirmation. It was part of growing up, feeling like I had something to offer.

Now, when I write something for you to read, I am saying something that I believe to be true.

You don’t have to believe me, or agree with me, or even like what I say. If you do agree, well, that just means you are probably a little smarter than most.

But, if you do or don’t agree, I really want to hear why. I know I don’t always see the big picture, or know all the facts, or even consider what the words I say may be saying to you.

I am very opinionated. But, I’m not mean. Maybe a little sarcastic every once in a while.

I know, in A Separate Peace, “sarcasm is the protest of those who are weak.”

Well, you know what they say, “It takes all kinds.” (Yes, I heard “them” say that, somewhere, sometime.)

Anyway, I never know which way my thoughts may carry me, but I would be glad to fling them out there for the 17 of you who may be reading stuff longer than memes.

I will read yours, too.

Because you are a great writer and thinker.

Just like me.


2 thoughts on “WHY DO I CARE IF YOU CARE?

  1. Katy says:

    Dear Randy,

    I read, and am blessed and deeply moved, by all your posts. (I discovered you through John Branyan’s blog.)

    I don’t write much, due to complications from injuries, but I love to read, deeply reflect, pray about what I’ve read…

    You, and your loved ones, are prayed for everytime I read your posts.

    Thank you, Randy. You enrich my life and touch my heart and soul.


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