Three Years Ago

If you believe, and don’t doubt, you can say to this mountain….

If you are born again, you have been given a supernatural gift. From the moment this occurs, you begin a learning process to discover what is possible with this new power.

You discover that you have a direct line to The Great Arranger Of Circumstances.

You also quickly taste the wrath of His enemy.

You have entered into a world of terrifying battles, emotional duress, deep internal pain, indescribable joy.

You discover that your Mighty Leader has chosen you, even before you were born, to perform certain mighty tasks for Him and His Kingdom. But you know there is no way tiny, insignificant you could ever do these mighty works.

Until… You hear Him say,
“I created you for this life, to live for Me, to do these things I ask you to do. I will go with you into battle. You will never be alone. As long as you remember that it is My strength, and not yours, you will accomplish all I have called you to do. You have stepped into a world that follows My enemy. He will hate you. So will His slaves. But, we can break those chains of slavery. Remember, it is not by human strength, not by human leadership, but by The Spirit that I have breathed into you.”

A world, trapped in darkness, following the prince of darkness, needs to be set free.

You are the SUPERHERO who has come to fight.

The weapons you fight with are not the weapons the world uses, because you are not fighting against the world.

You are fighting against the world’s king.


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