How they are getting the Religious Freedom Bill wrong.

I’m getting angry at being told I hate gays because I don’t want them to be happy. And that I must hate women because I don’t want them to have “reproductive rights”.

As a businessman, I have always given my services to anyone who called me, as long as I was qualified, regardless of the kind of lifestyle they had. But I would not compromise my own values in my business ventures, always with the hope that someone who is not a Christian would see something in me to draw him to Jesus.

I do not believe that there is a possibility that God would approve of homosexual marriage, or abortion, or lying, or adultery, or self-serving sex outside of marriage, or theft, …I could go on. Some of these things I have done. I had the freedom to choose to do what I wanted. We all do. Unfortunately, our choices do have consequences, and I care that you may have to suffer for what you choose.

We are more divided than ever before : Democrat/ Republican, Conservative /Liberal, For abortion / Against abortion, Muslim/Jew, Homosexual / Straight….

There are really only two groups: those that have peace with their creator, and those who do not. This country was founded on the principle that the government could NEVER interfere with the Christian’s right to spread the gospel to the world, to help those without the peace to find the path to that peace.

There should have never been the need for the religious freedom protection act, because the Constitution guarantees that freedom.

You have the right to choose your lifestyle, and your choices help me to judge ( uh-oh, what about the judge not scripture?) whether you have peace with God or not, and how I can help you discover this amazing life of joy. I hope it doesn’t become illegal for me to do this, but if it does, I will still do it. Because I love my God. God loves you. And I love you, too.


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