(March 24,2018)

Yesterday, Wendy and I saw the movie, “I Can Only Imagine” about the back story behind the writing of that very popular song.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t tough enough to keep from getting choked up.

I barely kept from bawling out loud.

But I guarantee, I couldn’t have spoken for five minutes or so.

So, I liked the movie.

A lot.

What I judge a movie by, is how “truthful” it is in the portrayal of life.

This one made me think about some people I know.

I have one friend who had such a traumatic childhood, that she just quit talking when she was in her early teens.

She has a genius IQ, and she didn’t lose the ability.

She just thought, “to heck (not exact word) with this life” and pulled into herself where she could “be in control.”

A godly man reached her.

Maybe a couple of them.

She received her new life.

Still has it.

While possessing this new life, recently she walked into the landing gear handle in a transport truck parking lot after dark.

(Oh, yeah, she is a truck driver) Some time later, someone found her lying unconscious on the ground.

Anyway, the concussion was way more severe than she ever imagined it could be, damage that inhibits her motor skills, her cognitive skills, and, she has super bad headaches.

She is ever drawing closer, even now, to the One who gave her her new life.

I have another friend who, while carrying this eternal life in her, found out that her pain in her mouth was some kind of horrible cancer, and she has had removal surgery, feeding tubes, and is facing round after round of reconstruction surgery.

She smiles, shares, and is ever drawing closer, even now, to the One who gave her her new life.

Another friend got so excited when she discovered God’s love was real, His voice could be heard, and that this second Life was more than she ever imagined.

Then, her husband of 25 years decided he was unhappy.

She lost her marriage, her home, and her safety net.

She is ever drawing closer, even now, to the One who gave her her new life.

All three of these women will tell you, “I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to give up. I just didn’t have that kind of strength.”

But, they knew the One who did have that kind of strength…whose strength is demonstrated best when the ones he created realize their weakness.

Then He shines…through them.

I have seen it.

It’s true.


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