I heard this today.

Think about that.

Ironically, when I was 9, I had two goldfish, Laelius and Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius was by far the most outspoken.

Me: Hey, can you tell me what water is like?

MA(Marcus Aurelius): What? What is water?

Me: This. Explain this.

I showed him a glass of water, sloshed it around a bit, poured a little bit out.

Laelius just looked at Marcus, shook his head and rolled his eyes. Then he swam to the other side of the bowl.

MA: We don’t have that here.

I laughed out loud. I thought he was kidding.

Me: You’re kidding, right?…You know you’re swimming in it.

I poured the glass of water into the fishbowl.

MA : This isn’t water…this is God…he just ate your water. He feeds us, he holds us. He does everything for us. This is the whole world.

I didn’t really know what to say.

I was only 9.

I remember when my whole world was all I knew.
It was everything.

And then, this voice came in from outside my world and introduced me to the REAL ONE.

I never saw the world the same again.

And now, I can talk about it to anyone who will listen.

And, I will.




    • I guess that goes for atheism, too, huh? You are right about having to leave “a religion” to find out if it is real. That is what is wrong with religion, anyway. Until the fish was transformed, and was able to breathe air, he would never know about water. But, it would take a miracle for that to happen.

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      • Hmmm? I wasn’t actually thinking about evolution…but, you are right when you say it is not real. (Macro) And atheism is a group of people who say that there is no God.


      • Well, what if you left religion right before you met the One True God? Then your whole take on the religion was that it was a lie, because there is no God?
        And what if I stayed in a religion until I met the One True God, and he worked a miracle so that I could leave the water and see what a little thing “the water” is compared to this expansive life?
        But, that would probably take a miracle, because you found out that religion doesn’t make you good.


      • You keep proving the validity of your article. If being in your little cult is required to meet your deity, that is a strong suggestion that it is fake. And that obvious perception is lost by those in the cult.


      • Let’s change from “religion” and “non religion” to the idea of material and spiritual.
        Now if one lives immersed in the physical, what he can see, feel, taste, hear, and someone comes along a says “Oh, there is a universe outside of your perception.” Of course it seems ridiculous.
        Your argument is I can’t see, hear, feel, or taste this God…he is not real.


      • Again, you keep proving your own point. He isn’t real in my world, nor in the worlds of any person in any other religion. You display a high degree of misunderstanding of the world outside of your cult.


      • Do you ever wonder about the beginnings of stuff like nutrition and waste removal in the body? Whose idea was it that we could eat plants, some okay, some not okay, and that we could even eat meat, and somehow the body figured out how to take the useful stuff and spread it through the body, and just dump the bad stuff? And why does the bad stuff smell so bad?


      • No, not really. I already have a very good explanation for how that started. Backed by a whole lot of research and testing, too.

        But if I didn’t happen to know about that process, what I do know is lying to myself isn’t a good answer. For example, how did life start in the first place? I flat out don’t know.

        In your world, if you are ignorant of something, then you assume the answer by plugging in your favorite deity. Outside of your world, it is easy to see that people have been plugging their favorite god into all sorts of pockets of ignorance, and 100% of the time we stumble on an actual answer, it is not a god. So all gods combined have a success ratio of zero, while investigation and science have found thousands of answers to the same questions. Outside of your world, it is obvious that plugging a deity into an unknown has a failure rate of epic proportions. Inside your world, excuses are made and texts are reinterpreted.


      • But, at least you wouldn’t have to figure out which came first, the mouth or the anus, or how asexual reproduction changed to sexual reproduction, and how did they get that first male and female together at just the right time.

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      • Once again, you are demonstrating just how limiting your fishbowl is. Outside of your fishbowl, the rest of us have straightforward, simple, explanatory answers for exactly what you are discussing.


      • And all your straightforward, simple, explanatory answers require a faith in someone. You believe someone you can see. I believe someone you can’t.


      • Randy, how much faith does it require that your spoon will go in your mouth as you eat your breakfast cereal?

        Can you demonstrate the veracity of your claim that you are able to get the spoon, with cereal, into your mouth?

        Why is your ability to get cereal,into your mouth not a discussion that leads to “worldviews” and “sin” and “turning away”?

        I’ll tell you why. Anyone can demonstrate that it is possible to get cereal in your mouth using a spoon. It doesnt take faith. It doesn’t require being a member of the right group.

        If your god were even a fractional percent as real as putting cereal in your mouth with a spoon, there would be no need for you to make up all sorts of excuses. You would just explain or direct me to the evidence.

        But instead, you engage in word games, logical fallacies, and even counter the very example you bothered to write. Stay inside and you’ll never know what is outside.


      • “Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools.

        They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.”
        ‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:22, 25‬ ‭NLT‬‬


      • Yep. That is exactly the protectionist language that is expected when cult dogma is challenged by facts and reality. Do you mind if I quote you in future blogs about cult mentality?


      • Oh, youre asking what motivates me to do this? I already mentioned this in the “about” section on my page.

        Your religion is diligently working to turn our country backwards, during a time we need to be moving forward. Our education system sucks, and your fellow fish (unable to see the world beyond their fishbowl) are trying to make education even worse.

        I’m over here pointing out that the world is bigger than your fishbowl, just like anyone that ever tried to get someone out of any other cult. The cult warps your view and your thinking. The cult is making schoolchildren dumber.


      • I don’t think Christianity is making school children dumber. It seems like most schools took any aspect of Christianity out back when I was in about the seventh grade.
        This has always been a pretty great country, and it’s hard to deny the Christian influence in its foundation. A lot of wisdom in that constitution.
        Maybe the growth of atheism is making our kids dumber.
        You say that atheists aren’t accepted in a lot of circles.
        I can identify with that.
        But I’m not afraid to be un-anonymous.


      • Lol! I think you said about 3 things that are demonstrably wrong and a couple more hysterical complaints. You are sooooo much a product of your fish bowl.

        Anyway, the conversation has been had, I stated my position, but your indoctrination in the cult has held you strong and you’re rambling incoherencies now. I bid you adieu.


      • Goodbye. If you want to find God, all you have to do is seek him with all your heart. (Maybe as hard as you are trying to prove he isn’t)
        I don’t hate you.
        I used to live in your world, too.
        This one is a lot better.

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