One Year Ago

My last post (PROOF) drew some comments on science versus dogma.
My friend, Patrick, shared a video with me; a scientific explanation of some of the prehistoric periods in the billion years history of our earth and the emergence and disappearance of various simple life forms, as they slowly evolved into the current complex forms.

I watched the 12 minute video, and I was impressed with the confidence the science lady used in telling this interesting story of how everything happened.

A lot of detail, with video…

Very compelling…

If you have the faith to take her at her word….

What I am missing every time I get into one of these discussions is the pauses in the process when some new version appears; like vision, smell, teeth, digestive systems, nervous systems, skeletal systems….
All of these systems, if important to the survival of the organism, had to be complete in order to work.

Otherwise, the organism cannot survive.

And…at what point did sexual reproduction come into the picture? It not only had to be complete to work. There also had to be two- male and female- at the same time. In the same place.

When did the reproduction change from asexual reproduction to sexual reproduction?

And, you have to begin the quest with the belief that there is no god of creation to follow this line of reasoning.

The conclusions that one finds if he believes there is a God of creation, looking at the same evidence, may bel completely different.

When I asked questions about how these tiny changes happened, I was asked if I had taken high school biology.

I had.

And I believed it.

Until I started asking some questions.

Funny, though. I didn’t even think to ask these questions until God called me from my darkness into His light.

By His light, we see.


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