February 13, 2016

Yesterday, Wendy and I had to go through a storage building that Chelsey had used before she died. We hadn’t been in there in over 12 years, and the roof had leaked. Mice and bugs of many kinds had also taken up residence through the years. Needless to say, things that had once occupied much of Chelsey’s and Zoe’s life at that time were now pretty much destroyed, or, at best damaged.

The years rushed back in torrents when we came across little things that reminded us of true treasures, the memories attached to these things. The life, the deep love that the life of Chelsey had in our lives, these are the things that don’t pass away.

The difference between the treasures of earth and the treasures of heaven become pretty clear when you lose someone close to you.

Emotions were pretty raw, seeing these things that bring up the memories that had been buried.

Something to take away:
The memories we share with others helps to preserve them longer than any earthly representation. Moths, rust, rats, water, all succeed in bringing earthly things to destruction. But memories and shared experiences, though they may seem to fade, have a way of returning and bringing us back to someone whose love stays with us forever.


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