Isn’t it wonderful how many wonderful memes we can find on Facebook, and how easy it is to click that Share button, and how easy it is to Like?

It doesn’t even have to make sense.

So…I can’t possibly believe in God because I can’t see him, or see any evidence that he exists.


DNA is science, right? Show of hands…how many Christians out there believe DNA exists and that it is considered to be the basic building block of all living beings, deciding, by a design code, every aspect of a creature’s makeup?

Well, you must not be a Christian, because that is science, and everyone knows that Christians don’t believe in science.

And sexuality…obviously that is unchristian…we all know that that is simply a part of the evolutionary process…you know, when sometime in the eons of billions and billions of years, some creature that had previously reproduced by, I don’t know, mitosis or mirror imaging or whatever, suddenly happened upon a being like himself, but somehow, a little bit different, and , hubba hubba, come on baby, and everything changed, for everyone.

And freethinking…there can’t possibly be a god if I can’t see him…I can only believe in what I can touch, taste, see…That is freethinking?

And skepticism…show me your proof that God exists, but don’t use anything stupid like the Bible, or how he “changed your life”, but show me something that I can believe…because we KNOW that the earth is billions and billions of years old and that everything evolved from a simple one-celled organism…there is proof…science has proven it…I can’t get my hands on it right now…but if you don’t accept that, well, you are just a superstitious so and so who cannot see the truth.

Call me skeptical.

And gender equality?…seriously…what genders are we talking about?…the scientific ones or the ones that we are deciding we can choose for ourselves?

Questioning? Every time I ask a question of these people that say there is no god…I get blocked…

Tolerance?…Every time I state what I believe, I get blocked. (Not really every time. Some people still like to argue.)

But, that picture of a big man holding a wee man over a fire to force him to love him…

“God loved the world so much that He gave His ONE AND ONLY SON, so WHOEVER believes, in Him will not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE.”

Anyone…an eternity with a creator that made this beautiful place with all these beautiful things to enjoy, to love, to feel, to experience …or an eternity without him and all the wonderful things He created for you to enjoy.

You get to choose.


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