February 3, 2016

(still true)

First off, I do believe in a real being we call Satan. I believe he has a personality, thoughts, desires, and pride.
That said, I believe that He will display himself to most people in deceptive ways. He will make his ways seem to be good, caring, and to be looking out for the well-being of others.

Moving in the shadows, Whispering to your thoughts.
“Can you believe she treated you that way. Oh, yeah, she will be sorry.”

Obscuring the light, filling the silence with noise, replacing awareness with distraction.

“Let’s turn these lights down, turn on some music. Here, try these. These will definitely make you feel better.”

He will even appear to be religious at times.

“I believe in God, too. You have been misinterpreting the scriptures. This is what that really means.”

He will demonize those he considers to be his enemies, slander the one his enemies follow, and do everything in his power to destroy those who oppose his plans.

“You didn’t really lose. He cheated. You are the only one smart enough to figure that out. You need to tell them.”

He doesn’t need people to believe in him to succeed, only to have people fall for his message.

It is happening. Has been since the beginning of time.

What used to be considered good is called evil.
What used to be called evil is being called good.

The new idols of the world are the idols of self. If I want it, I have the right to have it.

“You deserve this. Go ahead. Taste it. This will make you better, stronger, smarter.”

In the last days, men will be lovers of self….


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