When “free country” starts to mean anything is okay because it’s a free country, as long as you don’t hurt someone…I wonder if we are becoming nearsighted or blind.

Years ago, as new Christians, Wendy and I went to a seminar to learn more about this “new life” we were entering.

One of the statements that I have always remembered is that “what one generation tolerates in moderation, the next generation will indulge in in excess.”

I remember when President Clinton said that he desired for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.” We used to hear the stories about the brutality of “back alley abortions with coathangers” thinking all along how wrong that must be.

Well, abortion did become legal.

One out of three, that’s okay, right?

Well, it never could be safe if you realized that someone would have to die.

But at least, now, it was legal.

And, I guess, as long as it’s legal, it doesn’t really need to be rare, right?

So, since the government has legally allowed this practice for anyone, then, obviously those who may be opposed (philosophically, or “religiously”) don’t really have a leg to stand on.

Freedom to choose.

So what used to be tolerated in moderation in the early stages of pregnancy is now being demanded to be allowed up to the moment of birth, maybe even a little bit after.

(You see the truth in that statement about moderation and excess?)

So, my question is, if we believe something is “wrong” or “evil” as people of a church, are we supposed to live and let live and to separate our church from our state?
After all, it is a free country, right?

As long as you don’t hurt someone.

Oh, yeah, there is that!


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