January 26, 2017

(You’re not listening to me today.)

What do you mean?

(I have been calling you, trying to tell you some stuff, but you are very distracted.)

Well, you know, I have to deal with some things every day. Business, you know. It’s always kinda slow this time of year. I could make you a list.

(Do you forget who I AM?)

No. Of course not. I never forget about you.

(You know my voice. You may be hearing other voices.)

Really? Can you be a little more specific?


You’re looking at me right now, aren’t you?

(I’m always looking at you. You’re my child. I watch everything you do.


That’s a bit intimidating.

(Why? Don’t you watch everything your kids do?)

Well, yeah, but you know I’m 65. Not really a kid.


Okay, I get it. When I act like I can do stuff on my own, that I don’t need you right now, I am acting like a kid. That drives me crazy when my kids do that.

(Why do they do that?)

I don’t know. I’ve got so much experience in this life. I just want to share it so they won’t have to suffer through all the stuff that I did. But they think they know everything already.

(That sounds like someone I know. Was it that bad, the suffering through part?)

Well, yeah, some of it. But, I guess I did learn from it.

(What did you learn?)

Well, one thing, that things may seem really bad for a while, but things change, and I seemed to get through all right.

(Did you do it alone?)


I haven’t forgotten that You were there.

Well, maybe I do forget, sometimes.

(I was there before you knew me. I made you for a purpose, and everything you’ve been through has been part of that purpose. I always loved you. My pleasure in you increases when you include me in your life, when you talk to me. There are a lot of people that I love that don’t even know that I love them.

I would like you to find them.

Tell them.

Show them.

You should know, I really, really love you.

You do make me smile.)

Will you help me find them?

(Open your eyes. Look around. Listen.

They are everywhere.)


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