(January 22, 2018)

One Year Ago

Life would be so much easier and calmer if…

We didn’t have close friends…

And we didn’t stand around and talk about important stuff.

The trouble with close friends is that they are learning to trust your friendship.

The trouble with standing around and talking is they start to tell you of things that they are going through that makes their life difficult.

You really didn’t know, until they started to unload…

Well, you sort of knew a little bit…

But, sometimes it really hits home…

It may be one thing, like a death in the family.

It could be a situation that stays and stays and brings in new struggles every day.

It may be a piling on, one problem on top of another, and there just isn’t enough strength to handle ONE MORE THING…

And now, you have this burden that you didn’t have before, that clenching in the gut, that sense of helplessness…

It would be so much easier to just play word games on your phone.

Because there is really nothing you can do to remove the burden from them.

You feel so weak and helpless.

But, maybe, that’s not the point…

You may know someone who isn’t weak and helpless.

And He listens to you.

“Two are stronger than one, and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.”


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