(JANUARY 20, 2018)

We’ve all sung that song. So mournful.

Fearing it as it comes, hating it when it gets here, wishing for relief, for it to finally go away.

I just want it to be easy. Right?

We long for those good days, try to hold on to them as long as we can, looking for the next one when they are gone.

Because…when they leave it just hurts…so bad.

I was watching a show tonight with Wendy. The main character had always wanted to surf as a kid, never got the hang of it, had some pretty bad experiences in his memories as a result.

So, when something bad happened in his family’s life as an adult, he moved his family to a dead end town, to the beach, to try to surf again.

He just couldn’t get it, couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get it.

Until…someone told him, “It’s your head…”

“You mean, it’s psychological?” he asked.

“No. When you try to stand up, you are looking down at your feet. You’re losing your center of gravity. Look out, at the scenery, at the waves, at me…”

We were made to feel.

To experience.

To taste.

Not just pleasantness.


The reason fear is so destructive…it causes us to flee. We miss the experience when we are trying to escape it.

We focus inward.

We are looking at our feet.

This life we have been given is full of richness.

You cannot surf on a calm lake.

The waves that crash and roar, the cancer, the accidents, the emotional turmoils, financial losses, death of loved ones, these waves are the energy of life.

When Jesus’ disciples thought they were going to die on a boat, in a storm, they found Jesus asleep in the back of the boat.

“Where is your faith? Why are you afraid? You are looking at your feet. Stand up, look around you….



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