The other day I was reading an atheist blog about God being a liar.

One of the points he tried to make was that God told Adam that he could eat all the fruits of the trees in the Garden …except one…If he ate from that one tree, on that day, he would die.

The blogger said that living on, working the ground, having pains in childbirth wasn’t the same as death.

I was thinking he missed something.

He didn’t even mention that Adam lived over nine hundred years.

So, what is he missing?

He also mentioned the testing of Abraham in telling Abraham to sacrifice his only son.

He derisively asked what kind of “good” god would do that?

So…what is this guy missing?

As a Christian, I believe that we have “all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

But, how did it start?

Was it because Adam and Eve did a thing they weren’t supposed to?

I have been thinking about this for a while now.

The blogger used Adam and Abraham to make his points.

Between these two guys, there was a big difference.

Adam began with eternal life.

Adam walked with God every morning in the Garden.

Abraham came along after the flood. After the tower of Babel story.

The whole world had gone its own way, doing its own thing, pretending that God the maker didn’t exist, that He wasn’t in charge, making their own gods out of wood and metal.

But, Abraham heard The Voice.

So did Adam.

In Adam’s case, another voice came along, offering an alternative approach to what God had said.

Abraham believed God, and that became his claim to righteousness.

Adam believed the other voice, and he lost his eternal life…on that day.

If you are supposed to live forever…and you don’t…isn’t that death?

My answer to my blogger “friend” is that I don’t yet understand all there is to understand about my God…But I believe Him.

And, every day of my eternal life, I understand Him a little bit more.

And, I’ve got all the time in eternity to get it right.


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