Two Years Ago (JANUARY 7, 2017)


I have been a chimney sweep since 1982, a window cleaner since 1987. I love my job. The satisfaction of completing a job, earning a living.

But, my favorite part, I get to meet a wide range of different people, go into their houses, share a bit of my life, hear a bit of theirs.

I use GPS a lot (a lot!). When I began, before GPS, I would receive instructions on the way to the house when I talked to them on the phone.
Some instructions were good, easy to follow.
Some mentioned that old lonesome pine that used to be there,
Or where old Doc Simmons used to live,
Or just gave way too much information.

I needed to know the street I would come to, the direction to turn, the next street, the direction to turn…. An occasional landmark was okay, if it gave warning that I was almost to a turn.

Then came GPS, wonderful, wonderful global positioning system. I could put in an address, and this little map would appear, with, sometimes as many as three or four possible routes to get there. I got to choose which way I would go.

The choice was mine.


They all brought me to a common place, the last turn to get to the actual house.

I had to go that way, no matter how close I got with any of the other directions.

To get to the house, do what I was called to do, meet the owners, make a new friend, get paid…I had to make that one last move on the GPS, take the one way that would get me to my destination.

We all are walking on different paths in our own lives, moving toward some final destination.

I have heard it said, “All roads lead to God.”

They may get you close, but you won’t meet the owner of the house, make a friend, do what you were called to do, get paid….


You make that one last important turn that is necessary to arrive.

You may drive past that turn a thousand times thinking you know a better way…

There is no other way.

That is why repentance is so crucial.

Repentance means to make a U-turn, to stop going the wrong way and turn around to go the right way.

When you come to the right road, turn. There is no other way.

Oh, in case you are looking for the name of that road….?

This is it.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Welcome to the house where God lives.


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