In my daily Bible reading today (JAN. 4, 2018)

I was reading up to the time of Abram (Abraham).

Now, according to the timeline, it is possible that Noah was still alive when Abram was born.

If not, then his son Shem was. He could have passed the story on to many, many generations because he lived 600 years altogether.

Also, I had discovered earlier, that Noah’s father could have known Adam himself.

He could have learned the Genesis story of creation firsthand, and passed it on to his sons.

Noah passed it on to his sons.

These people were not primitive people.

They built cities, tall buildings.

They were united in language, in purpose.

To throw off the “shackles” that they felt their creator had placed on them.

Not a good choice.

God saw that they could do a lot of damage to his restored world (after the flood) if he allowed them to remain one people, so he confused their languages.

The nations were formed.

And now, the world is trying to throw off the supposed “shackles” that they think bind them because of God, and make a utopian world.

Trouble is, man, left to himself, gravitates toward evil, selfish acts.

I know. I am one.

So, I have gladly taken the yoke of my creator.

I don’t feel shackled at all.


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