Written 12/10/16

You don’t believe in God because you are afraid.

Afraid that you will no longer have control of what happens.

But you don’t.

You have imagined a God who is small, mean, ineffective, unwise, unloving, mortal.

Your thoughts have imprisoned you, because you cannot imagine the truly awesome. (Look it up.)

The One who will fill you with awe (Look it up.)

You think in terms of what you can see, hear, touch, feel.

You cannot see what you refuse to imagine.

A God who transcends time

Who can see you at the same moment he sees the shepherds seeking their Messiah.

And yours.

A God who always was, and is, and evermore will be.

The Eternal One.

A God of unlimited wisdom

Unlimited knowledge

Unlimited creativity

Unlimited love.

A God who wants to let you experience His life

To replace your limits with His unlimited resources

To fill you with a new Hope

Without fear

Without limits.

But, you have to give up your weak “control”

Give yourself to the One who made you

Who knows you

Who loves you

Who has a reason for you to live

Who will plant in you a seed of Joy

That will grow

And shine

In a world of darkness.

You can be a light.

You only have to be willing to see.

You need to want to find.

Don’t be afraid.

If you look for Him

You will find Him.

And find Life that you never knew before.


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