(Written 10/21/16)

What I learned after attending my niece, Jenny’s wedding.

Mary Jane (my mother in law) was talking about how she always considered herself a pretty good dancer.

I said I never considered myself a very good dancer. Or a dancer, period.

Wendy said, “What did Phyllis say?”

(For background, see PHYLLIS CLOPTON’S SCHOOL OF DANCE post a few weeks ago.)

Well, I guess those basic steps I did okay.

Mary Jane said something about Blair (my 89 year old father-in-law) not being a dancer.

“I guess I never told you about the time I won two jitterbug contests. In one night.”

Never heard that one before.

When Blair was about 16, he and his friend Odum used to go to the Horseshoe Bar in Dallas.

They had made friends with the bouncer, and he let them in, telling them to take the table back in the back corner.

As long as they didn’t cause any trouble, he would let them stay.

He didn’t recommend them to bring dates, because, when boys and girls started drinking together, it usually led to trouble.

On Saturday nights, they would have dance contests.

The bartender told Blair and Odum about a couple of girls that had come alone, were nice girls, and wanted to dance.

So they did.

According to Blair, he had pretty quick feet, and won the contest.


In one night.

The prize?

A case of beer.

Make that two cases. (Two wins.)

Mary Jane said, ” Now, that’s something I would have liked to see.”


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