RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays…,)

There had been a lot of rain. Especially for Texas.

For weeks now, rain in the forecast every day.


My busiest time of the year.

On Monday, I worked all day in the rain.

I love my job, but I wasn’t loving this.

Tuesday, I was up early, heading to Longview. The rain was pouring.

It was starting to “get me down.” (See title. Get the reference? No? Ask some old person.)

So I was having my own little pity party of one.

“Wait a minute,” I said to myself, “I don’t have to feel down. I have life! I know Jesus! I am healthy, busy, and loved by my Maker.”

I stopped being sad. Just like that!

Wednesday. Rain.
Thursday. Rain.

Thursday morning I meet with a few friends before I hit the road.

There were seven of us this week.
We all pull up chairs to sit around a little folding table to hold our coffee cups and our Bibles.

This was our second week in our favorite part of the Bible; the book of John. We hadn’t gotten very far. About four verses.

We don’t have a teacher. Or really a leader.
We just show up, and we let the scripture du jour direct our conversations.

Three of us still have to leave at nine to go to work. The other four can carry on the conversation past nine.

We get animated, excited, passionate, heated, corrected.

We laugh, pray, share struggles, share insights.

Agree. Disagree.

Refill the coffee cups.

But, something really weird happens.

When I stand up to leave at nine, I have this supernatural energy, a supernatural joy, a sense that in this small gathering of Life Bearers, The Life Giver was present using each of us to give another taste of the Life we carry to our friends.

“We are gonna have to start meeting at 7:30…this is just too short.”

I prayed to close the session. I’m smiling as I pray.

It’s not Monday.
But it is a rainy day.
It doesn’t “always get me down.”
Not today.



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