Two Years Ago 10/4/16


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

This morning in our men’s Bible study, we were discussing Solomon’s apparent frustration level as he neared the end of his life. (Ecclesiastes 2). One man remarked that it was kinda weird that he would feel this way after being so obviously blessed by God in every area of his life; riches, possessions, territory, inventions, women, fame.

I wonder of those really were blessings.

It’s easy to think that way, especially growing up in the United States, where success has become the accepted measure of a man or woman.

Funny thing, though, Solomon had everything you or I might desire to obtain, and he found it to feel kind of empty. He would die, and he would be forgotten. What was the point?

Maybe, the real “blessings” that God sends our way are not the good happy times that we have previously thought.

Maybe, those moments of deep pain and loss, the times when we come to the end of our means, the end of our strength, the end of our human understanding, maybe those are the blessings that God sends.

I have found in the later years of my life, that, feeling God’s pleasure is a greater satisfaction than any human accomplishment I have ever had.

And when did I feel His pleasure?

Those times when I could no longer see a possible way out, or through, without putting ALL of the burden on Him.

The times when I saw no possible way to pay the huge bill.

No possible way to fix the trauma in personal relationships.

The time on the side of the highway, standing outside of our wrecked car, knowing my only child had just this moment preceded me to eternity, her young daughter turning blue from internal injuries.

The moment when everything you had planned is changed forever.

When you change your plans

For his plans.

When you KNOW…


That would be the blessing….


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